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Ask Your Representatives to Cosponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act!

Jan 28th, 2024 Written by suwa

Our divided Congress has again narrowly avoided a government shutdown—extending funding until early March. Now is the time to let your legislators know you want to see a functioning and funded government—one that recognizes the value of our remaining wild places. America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act would do just that, protecting over 8 million acres of federal lands in Utah as wilderness for future generations.

Please take a moment today to ask your members of Congress to cosponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.

As you may be aware, ARRWA is a visionary piece of legislation aimed at safeguarding some of our nation’s most awe-inspiring and ecologically significant landscapes—places under near-constant threat from development and exploitation, damage from illegal off-road vehicle use, and even from members of Congress who see public lands only as a means of profit. Adding your voice can make a real difference in protecting these natural treasures now and into the future.

Amidst the chaos on Capitol Hill, there are still opportunities to come together and have a positive impact. Tell your legislators that renewing our nation’s commitment to protecting wild places—like those across Utah that qualify for wilderness designation under the Wilderness Act of 1964—is one of those opportunities.

No matter where you live, your voice matters, and you can remind your representatives of the shared responsibility we all have in protecting our nation’s public lands. Please ask your members of Congress to cosponsor ARRWA if they haven’t already done so (see the list of current cosponsors here).

Thank you for being a champion for the redrock, and for taking the time to tell your elected officials, who work for you, that you support ARRWA—and they should too.

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