A message from Aron Ralston

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You might know me as “that guy who cut off his arm to escape a boulder.”

With the nationwide release this month of 127 Hours – the Hollywood adaptation of my story – you might soon know me as “that guy played by James Franco” (who so vividly pretends to cut off his arm that some viewers have fainted – but still, he’s just faking).

However you know me, please know this: I feel blessed that my experience has encouraged others.  I’m doubly blessed to be able to give back to the wilderness of southern Utah.  This land has taught me about not only strength, perseverance and the will to live, but also the will to love.

I support SUWA – the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance – because they have been successfully defending these lands for over 25 years.  Their work has not only stemmed the loss of wilderness-quality lands, it has won congressional wilderness designations.  They safeguard nearly 10 million acres of pristine southern Utah that belong to you, me and all Americans, both present and future.

Unchecked, our civilization’s ravenous appetite for expendable resources and high-octane recreation will progressively devour southern Utah.  Though remote, these lands are not so distant that they lie beyond the reach of energy companies’ bulldozers and drilling rigs, nor are they safe from thoughtless off-road vehicle drivers.

Thankfully, SUWA has built a wilderness movement that has one goal: permanent protection of this amazing landscape.  Supporting and investing in SUWA is the best way to stand together and demand that Congress and the Obama administration act boldly on behalf of these lands.

Wilderness is both a natural and a human phenomenon.  Only the perfection of nature can create it.  Only the humility of man can preserve it.

Will you please join me in supporting SUWA and giving back to the landscapes that have given so much to us?

Thank You,

Aron Ralston
(You can still call me ‘that guy’ if you like.)

P.S. Having walked the halls of Congress as a citizen-volunteer for wild Utah, I can attest that SUWA provides top-notch value as they work in Utah and Washington DC to permanently protect the Redrock country. Please support SUWA today!