Wild Utah Podcast, Episode 35: All Hands On Desert

Apr 20th, 2022 Written by suwa

Since its inception a few years back, SUWA’s Stewardship Program has aimed to foster a stewardship ethic and promote service as recreation in Utah through opportunities to work directly and actively to preserve and enhance the wilderness character of Utah’s public lands.

So what does all of that mean– for volunteers, and for the redrock wilderness?

Tune in to find out! You’ll be transported to a recent stewardship project in the Canyon Rims area (featuring voices from a couple inspiring University of Utah Alternative Break students) while hearing all about SUWA’s stewardship philosophy from one incredibly dynamic duo: Stewardship Director Jeremy Lynch and Stewardship Coordinator Jack Hanley.

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A special thank you for this episode also goes to the U of U Alternative Break crew who joined us for a one-day project that helped to create the in-the-field audio you hear on this episode.


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