We’ve just learned that Utah Governor Gary Herbert is deciding how to weigh in on the Trump administration’s directive to allow off-road vehicles (including ATVs and UTVs) on all National Park Service roads in Utah. A decision on this wrongheaded directive could happen any day.

Governor Herbert is in the thick of this discussion and needs to hear from you. Can you take just a few minutes to call Governor Herbert’s office right now at 801-538-1000 and tell him:

  • You live in Utah and frequently visit Utah’s national parks and monuments.
  • You are alarmed by the proposal to allow street legal ORVs on park roads in Utah and strongly oppose this change.
  • These machines are designed and intended to be driven off-road and will damage or destroy the plants, animals, cultural resources’ and visitor experience that makes these parks and monuments renowned throughout the world.
  • If the National Park Service is going to consider making this change it must do so out in the open—using best available science and information and public review and comment.
  • Thank him for listening to your concerns.

Click here to call Governor Herbert’s office at 801-538-1000.

Thank you for taking action.