Tell Rep. Bishop the Draft Public Lands Initiative Doesn’t Cut It

Feb 4th, 2016 Written by David Garbett

As we recently reported, Rep. Bishop’s long-awaited draft Public Lands Initiative (PLI), released on January 20th, is a major disappointment. It is essentially a fossil fuel development bill that gives away public resources and fails to advance the conservation of public lands in eastern Utah.

Tell Rep. Bishop the PLI is fundamentally flawed and requires a major overhaul to be taken seriously.

Bishop’s bill rolls back existing protections for wilderness-quality lands and carves out major loopholes in the meager wilderness it does propose. It also fails to protect the extraordinary cultural and natural resources of the proposed Bears Ears National Monument and gives away federal lands owned and cherished by all Americans. Finally, it promotes a fossil fuel bonanza that will industrialize Utah’s scenic landscapes and exacerbate climate change.

Tell Rep. Bishop we need a bill that fully protects Utah’s wild lands — and the best interests of all Americans.

Among other offenses, Bishop’s bill would give away the Sixshooter Peaks and surrounding public lands near Canyonlands National Park. © Ray Bloxham/SUWA

The draft PLI has been roundly criticized by conservation groups, climate activists, the Outdoor Alliance, and the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, among others, for failing the American people on multiple levels. We need visionary legislation that future generations will thank us for, not a shortsighted bill that forfeits our common heritage for the benefit of only a few.

Rep. Bishop needs to hear from you that the PLI is unacceptable as currently written. Please submit your comments by March 2 (anyone can comment — you do not have to live in Bishop’s district).

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Thank you!