Obama admin in SLC Aug. 3rd – needs to hear from YOU on Utah wilderness

On Tuesday, August 3, from 10:00 AM to 1:15 PM at the Radisson Hotel, 215 West South Temple in Salt Lake City senior leadership from the Obama administration will be present to hear your thoughts about “America’s Great Outdoors.”  This our chance to tell them to take action NOW to protect wild Utah.

When Ken Salazar took over the reins as Secretary of Interior he proclaimed that there’s a “new sheriff in town.”  That’s what we need in Utah, where destructive and unbalanced policies put in place by the former administration have placed awe-inspiring wilderness treasures at risk — places like the Glen Canyon/San Juan River area, Cedar Mesa and Comb Ridge, where threats from excessive off-road vehicle use, mining and drilling loom large on the horizon.

In 2003, the State of Utah and the Department of Interior secretly negotiated a deal in which the Interior Department abandoned its duty to identify and protect lands worthy of wilderness designation.  Relying on that back-room deal, in the last days of the Bush administration the BLM issued land use plans for 11 million acres in eastern Utah which included only limited protection for wilderness-quality lands.  Secretary Salazar has the authority to rescind the “no more wilderness” deal and give wilderness-quality lands the protection they deserve. We need him to take action NOW!

Join us on August 3rd to show Secretary Salazar that Utahns want Utah wilderness protected. Wear a “Secretary Salazar: Protect Wild Utah” button or sticker (we’ll have them on hand for you) and tell the Obama administration to use its power to protect wild Utah before we lose these treasured landscapes!

For planning purposes the Obama administration is asking people to pre-register by sending an email to americasgreatoutdoorsslc@blm.gov or a fax to (801)-539-4074 with your name, the name of any organization
you are affiliated with, telephone number, and email address. (Although if you don’t do this you can still show up.)

What:  America’s Great Outdoors Listening Session – your chance to tell the Obama administration to protect wild Utah

When:   Tuesday, August 3rd 10:00 am

Where: Radisson Hotel, 215 West South Temple in Salt Lake City