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Hopi Tribal Council Endorses Red Rock Bill

In March, the Hopi Tribal Council passed a resolution formally endorsing America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act. Passage of the resolution was proposed and supported by the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office (HCPO) and the Hopi Cultural Resource Advisory Task Team.

In a historic first, the resolution was written in the Hopi language, the first time the Tribal Council has passed a resolution in Hopi since the contemporary Hopi government was established in 1936. Typically, resolutions and other official documents from the Hopi Tribal Council are written in English.

“Hopi peoples have lived in the canyons and mountains and on the mesas included in America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act since time immemorial, and these areas comprise one of the most significant cultural landscapes in the United States,” said HCPO Director Stewart Koyiyumptewa. “The passage of this resolution in Hopi is an assertion of our tribal Sovereignty, and a reminder that our relationship with the landscapes that would be protected by America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act precedes both the United States and the state of Utah.”

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(From Redrock Wilderness newsletter, Summer 2023 issue)