Thank you for registering for the Bears Ears Service Weekend II. Our program relies on the commitment and work of our supporters and volunteers. We appreciate your decision to join SUWA in the field!

Please review all of the information below covering required forms, project site, project scope, logistics and coordination. If you have any questions, contact us at the email below.


Our volunteers are required to complete and return the following form before the trip:

  • Volunteer Agreement [Release & Emergency Contact Forms]

You will have received this form in a previous email. Please sign and return if you have not yet done so already: If you have any questions, contact (435) 259-9151.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Workday Timeline
[subject to change]

Friday Camp at Gooseberry Cabin [optional]
9:00AM Orientation
9:30AM Travel to Site/Workday Begins
1:00PM Lunch [Bring Your Own]
4:30PM Workday Concludes
7:00PM Lunch [Bring Your Own]
7:30 Breakfast [Provided]
9:00 Workday Begins
12:00 Lunch
3:30 Workday Concludes

Work Description

Volunteers will work with Manti-La Sal National Forest field staff to install exclosure fencing. Ungulates (elk; cattle) are impacting regrowth of Aspen forests on Elk Ridge. Our work will continue a multi-year project protecting young aspen shoots from browsing.

Our work will focus on post and net fence installation.

All tools and training will be provided on-site. Gloves, eye and ear protection will also be provided.

Site Description

Our Project Site is Elk Ridge, a high elevation Ponderosa and Aspen forest rising steeply above the Dark Canyon Wilderness region of Bears Ears National Monument. Range, roads and wilderness collide on this remote ridge west of Blanding, Utah. Featuring the nearby Bears Ears buttes, the Manti-La Sal National Forest is managed regionally by the U.S. Forest Service to protect and preserve the primitive and wilderness characteristics of the area.

We will be working on Elk Ridge at a site adjacent to Gooseberry Guard Station.

For more information on Bears Ears National Monument.

Driving Directions –

Blanding UT to Gooseberry Cabin/Guard Station

  • Begin in Blanding, Utah
  • Drive 3 miles south to the Junction with Highway 95 (at the Shirt Tail Gas Station)
  • Turn right onto Highway 95 (heading west). This is where the mapped route begins.
  • Drive 6.3 miles to the signed junction with South Cottonwood Road
  • Turn right (heading north)
  • Drive 8 miles to the junction of South Cottonwood Rd. and Elk Mountain Road
  • Follow the left fork to Elk Mountain Road
  • (This may or may not be signed although both roads are well-maintained)
  • Drive 12 miles (heading west) to Forest Service Road 088.
  • Turn right onto FS 088 (heading north toward “the Notch”)
  • Drive 13.9 miles until you see the sign for the “Gooseberry Guard Station”
  • Turn right onto the short administrative road to the Guard Station. You have arrived.


Volunteers are responsible for travel to and from the site, except in circumstances where carpooling is arranged in advance. The off-highway roads between UT-95, Gooseberry Cabin and the worksite require 4-wheel drive and high clearance. If you have any questions relating to vehicle travel and access, please write or call at the address/number listed below.

Food & Water

Volunteers are considered responsible for their own general water needs. It is recommended that each person plan for 1-2 gallons of drinking water per day, in addition to water for secondary needs. SUWA will provide 14-gallons of potable water for cooking and as reserve for all volunteers.

Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast are provided by SUWA.  Additional coffee and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend. Volunteers are expected to plan for all additional meals during their stay.

If you have any food allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, please notify us as soon as possible: We aim to provide for all of our volunteers during the meals specified above.


Camping is permitted on-site in a meadow adjacent to Gooseberry Cabin. Camping prior to the project on Friday night is permitted. Please let us know if you plan to arrive Friday and we will inform Forest Service staff of your expected arrival.

Gooseberry Cabin features amenities including a flush toilet and indoor kitchen.

We require that our volunteers practice Leave No Trace principles. A brief talk and training will be given on Saturday. [Also, see the Resource link below.]

What To Bring

We expect our volunteers to arrive with backcountry and remote frontcountry travel experience. Our volunteers should come prepared to be self-sufficient for all of their needs during the full extent of their time on and off the work site. Exceptions include the communal meals [noted above] and tools. All tools will be provided. SUWA will also provide volunteers with personalized Protect Wild Utah work gloves, as well as ear and eye protection upon request.


For those new to outdoor volunteering, and for those looking to brush up on packlist essentials, wilderness ethics, backcountry medicine, and southeastern Utah in general, please refer to the Resource Links below:


Come prepared for potentially windy, exposed high elevation conditions. Pack for days of full, direct sun and cold nights. Rain or snow is always a possibility. We will provide advance notice of any anticipated weather, and adjust the Project Itinerary accordingly. Come prepared with proper rain gear and a change of clothes. Up-to-date Weather Report for Blanding Utah.

Further Questions

All additional inquiries, questions and requests should be directed to: (435) 259-9151 or

Thank you again for your support. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Jeremy Lynch
Service Program Director