Into the Field: Volunteer with SUWA this Summer

May 24th, 2018 Written by suwa

Greetings from Southern Utah –

Summer is upon us and our Field Crews are gearing up for a season of high elevation volunteering! Several spots remain open on our first batch of June-July-August Projects and I invite you to join the ranks of our 111 volunteers who have put in over 1,255 service hours to date in 2018! Scroll down for an overview of our early to midsummer project calendar:

House Range Service Project
June 2nd & 3rd

High above the West Desert, Notch and Swasey Peaks have become hot spots for user impacts on nearby Wilderness Study Areas. Work with us to address motorized compliance issues and illegal campsite impacts within and along the Notch Peak and Swasey Mountain WSAs.



Bears Ears Service Weekend Part I
July 21st & 22nd

Join our crews working to improve infrastructure adjacent to a significant cultural site, where increased visitation is dramatically changing the landscape and jeopardizing the integrity of the resource. We will focus on establishing naturalized boundaries for vehicle and foot access to the site and trailhead, in an ongoing effort to contain impacts.



Bears Ears Service Weekend Part II
July 28th & 29th

Return to Elk Ridge high above the Dark Canyon Wilderness. We will work with a Forest Service Biologist and field crew to install exclosure fencing to protect emerging aspen shoots from browsing elk and other ungulates. We will be camping at our favorite meadow adjacent to a Forest Service cabin a meandering way down from the Bears Ears buttes.



La Sal Mountains Service Project
August 11th & 12th

Our annual trip to the La Sal Mountains outside of Moab, Utah brings us back to Medicine Lake for a weekend campout and two days of trailwork. Balancing service with protections, this project delves into the world of trailbuilding.

Medicine Lake 2.jpg


To apply for a particular project, fill out our Volunteer Form, or contact As always, please feel free to reach me directly with any queries, questions or calls to action: (435) 259-9151.

Thank you for your ongoing support and service working with SUWA to protect wild Utah on the ground. I hope to see you high above the desert this summer!

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy Lynch

Service Program Director
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance