Bishop, Stewart Form Federal Lands “Auction” Group

Apr 29th, 2015 Written by Deeda Seed

It’s this simple: Utah Congressmen are getting serious in their effort to take your public lands.

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Yesterday, Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Chris Stewart launched the “Federal Land Action Group” to “find a ‘legislative framework’ for the transfer of public lands” to state control.

They may as well have called it the Federal Land Auction Group, because the end result of their efforts to seize control of your public lands will be to sell them off to the highest bidder.

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It’s not uncommon for Western politicians to become afflicted with Sagebrush Fever, and to showboat their contempt for public lands to appeal to their base. This usually happens when a Democrat is in the White House, and then it subsides.

But a few years ago, SUWA was among the first groups to recognize that this time it’s different.

Funded by billionaires like the Koch brothers, this new Sagebrush movement is coordinated, consistent — and stronger than ever before.

But the only way they’ll succeed is if those of us who love our public lands remain silent.

That’s why SUWA has gone toe to toe against the proponents of seizing public lands in Utah — pushing back against their bad ideas with statewide television, radio and online media campaigns; billboard and public transit campaigns along the Wasatch Front; and rallies inside the state capitol.

The result? Public support for Utah’s land grab effort has declined by 5% in the last six months.

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Bishop and Stewart’s Federal Lands Action Group is a bad idea — which no doubt will produce a string of bad ideas that would turn the public lands we all own as Americans into a wasteland of energy development, roads, grazing, private inholdings, and any other purpose that strikes the fancy of local officials.

But with your continued help, we’ll be there to stop them.

The public lands we are working to protect belong to all of us. Join with us today to ensure that America’s public lands stay in the hands of all Americans!