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Report Makes Archaeological Case for Protecting Greater Canyonlands

“Greater Canyonlands holds some of the most scientifically important cultural resources to be found anywhere in North America,” says professional archaeologist and author Jerry D. Spangler.  “To venture into this landscape – as anyone willing to tread lightly and respectfully can do – is to walk through time with wonder and awe, marveling at the secrets of our collective past.”

Secrets of the Past in a Rugged Land: The archaeological case for protecting Greater Canyonlands takes the reader through 12,000 years of human history embedded in that landscape, offering highlights of the remarkable artifacts left behind by ancient inhabitants. The publication also outlines the numerous threats to this extraordinary region — from encroaching development and resource extraction to poorly regulated off-road vehicle use — and calls for monument designation to protect the area’s cultural treasures.

Take Action: Please send President Obama an email asking him to protect Greater Canyonlands to preserve this irreplaceable outdoor museum.

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