• January 29th, 2010

    Nevada water grab stopped…for now
    A top water official moved
    too slowly on a 1989 Las Vegas request for certain water rights, the
    Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday — a finding that could delay or
    even kill a $3.5 billion proposal to pipe water 300 miles from Snake
    Valley to Sin City.” Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

    …which nobody in Utah wanted anyway
    “Anyway you slice the
    numbers in a new poll, most Utahns say a proposed Snake Valley
    water-sharing agreement with Nevada is a bad idea.About 60 percent or more of all men, women, Democrats, Republicans,
    independents, Mormons and non-Mormons oppose the deal, which appeared
    all but done before a Nevada Supreme Court ruling Thursday smashed into
    it.” Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

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  • January 28th, 2010

    Sen. Bennett: Grand Staircase not 'particularly special'
    not had very many visitors to the Grand Staircase Monument, and those
    who have come look at it, and kind of look around and say, "This is a
    national monument? Wait a minute. Why is this designated as something
    particularly special?" because, quite frankly, it's not. It's not the
    kind of thing that visitors to America, or visitors from other parts of
    America coming to Utah, expect to see in either a national monument or
    a national park." Read full interview – KUED

    Salazar shakes up Interior
    "With the words “there’s a new sheriff in
    town,” the Colorado rancher turned politician took the helm with a
    reform agenda. Like his boss, though, Salazar has caught heat from both
    sides." Read more – New West

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  • January 27th, 2010

    SL Trib to Gov: State energy plan must protect wild places
    "When the governor referred,
    in his announcement of the Utah Energy Initiative, to continued access
    to low-cost energy resources, we hope that he did not mean sacrificing
    wilderness-quality lands to fossil fuel production." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

    State caves to motorized special interests and resumes roads lawsuit in San
    Rafael Swell

    "Apparently the Utah State Attorney General's Office has had a change of
    heart in regards to seven roads in Emery County. The court case is back
    on again." Read more – Emery County Progress

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  • January 26th, 2010

    Another harebrained idea from the UT legislature
    "A bill to use eminent domain on the federal government for
    ownership of land in Utah will shortly be unleashed…The bill would let the state seize the land at fair market
    value, then sell it off to private businesses that would then tap
    it for those resources." Read more – Daily Herald

    SL Tribune pans Green River pipeline
    "A guy named Million wants to spend billions to pipe part of Wyoming's Green River 400 miles to Denver and beyond. But as global warming
    threatens the flows in the Green, it would be foolhardy to suck great
    gulps of water from the stream. To sustain both wildlife and humans,
    the waters should be left alone." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

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  • January 25th, 2010

    Public lands belong to all
    few things need to be clarified about local public lands. First,
    federal public lands in Utah belong to all Americans. The present
    population of the United States is slightly more than 300 million, and
    each and every one of us technically owns an equal share of the public
    lands, regardless of where we reside.” Read more – Spectrum 

    Assessing Salazar so far
    “A year into his tenure as the 50th secretary of the interior, Salazar has surprised both fans and critics. He’s proved bold, ambitious and more willing to directly confront foes than accommodate them. But to critics, Salazar is committing the same sins of which he
    often accuses the prior administration — politicizing decisions,
    shutting out views and pursuing an agenda that swaps an industry clique
    for an environmental one.” Read more – Denver Post

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