Wild Utah Podcast, Episode 7: Your Time is Up!

Aug 28th, 2019 Written by suwa

In May of 2019, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and other high-profile politicians met at the Governor’s Energy Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah — but their discussion and promotion of a carbon-based energy future in the West was disrupted by more than a dozen young climate activists who took the stage to make the case for climate justice. SUWA Latinx organizer Olivia Juarez speaks with activists Brooke Larsen (UPLIFT) and Eliza Van Dyk (Wasatch Rising Tide) about the protest, and about the intersection between the fight for climate justice and efforts to protect Utah’s remaining wild lands.

Wild Utah is produced by Jerry Schmidt and is made possible by the contributing members of SUWA. Our theme music, “What’s Worth?” was written and performed in Moab by Haley Noel Austin.