Wild Utah Podcast, Episode 39: Year In Review

Nov 30th, 2022 Written by suwa

We’re taking a look back at 2022, the challenges we faced, the coalitions we helped build, and lands we protected. We’ll also take this opportunity to thank you, our steadfast members and followers. Our thanks goes way beyond words that you can read or hear. In 2023, SUWA celebrates its 40th anniversary. As it has been since those early years in the 1980s, our members and supporters are the heart of the movement to Protect Wild Utah. And as the day-to-day work to protect wild redrock country grinds along slowly, sure progress is being made, step-by-hard-earned-step, and we’re taking the opportunity to focus on that progress in this episode.

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Theme music is by Haley Noel Austin, with interlude music by Larry Pattis.
Dave Pacheco is the host of Wild Utah.
Post studio production and editing is by Laura Borichevsky.