Utah Silvestre: A Podcast Miniseries

Jul 19th, 2022 Written by suwa

UTAH SILVESTRE is a 4-part miniseries from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance’s WILD UTAH podcast. Hosted by Amy Dominguez and Olivia Juarez, each episode is available in both español and English, created for our gente to recognize that redrock wilderness is embedded in our community wellness, cultural histories, traditions, and our futures. We are breaking down barriers that America’s Hispanic and Latino/a/x community members encounter when they are concerned about the climate crisis and the state of nature.

Podcast cover artwork by Mariella Mendoza.

Episode 1: Public Lands Explained (English)

What are federally “owned” lands? What does BLM have to do with wilderness? Get the answers with former Utah State Representative and SUWA Board Member Rebecca Chavez-Houck.


Episode 1: Tierra Pública Explicado (Spanish)

¿Cuáles son tierras en la propiedad del gobierno? ?¿Cuál es la relación entre BLM y tierra silvestre? Obtenemos las respuestas con anterior Representativa del Estado de Utah, y miembro del consejo de SUWA, Rebecca Chavez-Houck.


Episode 2: Wilderness Affects Your Daily Life (English)

Focusing on the ways that wilderness benefits the climate, wildlife, or your own community’s wellness on a daily basis with the Co-Director of Uplift, Lyrica Maldonado.


Episode 2: Tierras Salvajes y su Vida Cotidiana (Spanish)

Enfocamos en las maneras en que la tierra silvestre beneficia la clima, la vida silvestre, y bienestar de comunidad a diario con Codirectora de Uplift, Lyrica Maldonado.


Episode 3: Heritage, Inheritance, y Querencia (English)

Latinos have called Utah home since before our gente were called Latino. We speak with University of Utah Professor Armando Solórzano to learn about the long history.


Episode 3: Herencia y Querencia (Spanish)

Latinos han llamado Utah a la patria antes de que nuestra gente fuera llamada latina. Hablamos con el Profesor Armando Solórzano de la Universidad de Utah para conocer la historia larga.


Episode 4: Have Fun and Make a Difference! (English)

Do two things this summer to feel good: get out into redrock wilderness for a visit, and get involved in demanding respect for la tierra. Carlos Prado (@Outdoorlos) joins us to give some tips.


Episode 4: Diviértase y Haga La Diferencia! (Spanish)

Haga dos cosas este verano para sentirse bien: visita a tierra salvaje de roca roja, e involúcrese en exigir respeto por la tierra. Carlos Prado (@Outdoorlos) se une a nosotras para dar consejos.


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Theme music is by Kevin MacLeod.
Co-hosting is by Amy Dominguez and Olivia Juarez.
Podcast cover art is by Mariella Mendoza.
Audio production is by PROArtes Mexico and Laura Borichevsky.