The Moab Master Leasing Plan gives the Bureau of Land Management the tools to protect roughly 750,000 acres of remarkable public lands around Moab that are illustrative of what Americans think about when they imagine Utah’s redrock country. Places like Porcupine Rim, Fisher Towers, Six-Shooter Peaks and Goldbar Canyon will be protected from the sight and sound of pump jacks and other oil field equipment. As things stand today, these places and many others in the region are vulnerable to the devastating impacts of oil and gas leasing and development, as well as potash mining.

Six-Shooter Peaks. Photo credit: Ray Bloxham/SUWA


Fisher Towers, La Sal Mountains beyond, Near Moab, Utah
Fisher Towers, La Sal Mountains beyond, Near Moab, Utah. Copyright Tom Till


Copyright Ray Bloxham/SUWA
Goldbar Canyon. Photo credit: Ray Bloxham/SUWA


Porcupine Rim. Photo credit: Neal Clark/SUWA