SUWA’s work involves keeping a close eye on proposed development projects in the backcountry, participating in land use planning processes, challenging bad land management decisions, and advocating for Utah wilderness in Congress.

Learn more about the issues we’re working on:

  • America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act: Developed by citizen volunteers, America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act calls for the protection of over 9 million acres of Utah’s wild desert landscapes.
  • Greater Canyonlands: The proposed Greater Canyonlands National Monument would protect one of the last untouched frontiers of the West and a critical national watershed upon which 30 million Americans rely.
  • Off-Road Vehicles: ORV use has skyrocketed in Utah, leading to scarred landscapes, degraded wildlife habitat, increased looting of archaeological sites, and vanishing backcountry solitude.
  • Energy Development: Studies show that Utah’s redrock wilderness holds less than 4 weeks of natural gas and 1 week of oil supplies for the nation, yet oil and gas development remains a constant threat to Utah’s wild lands.
  • Hoax Highways (RS 2477): A legal loophole from the 1860s known as Revised Statute 2477 (or RS 2477) still threatens to fragment Utah’s wilderness lands with a sprawling network of “hoax highways.”
  • Land Use Planning: The BLM’s latest round of Resource Management Plans (RMPs) prioritizes oil and gas drilling and off-road vehicle recreation while failing to adequately protect wilderness and archaeological resources.