• January 26th, 2010

    Another harebrained idea from the UT legislature
    "A bill to use eminent domain on the federal government for
    ownership of land in Utah will shortly be unleashed…The bill would let the state seize the land at fair market
    value, then sell it off to private businesses that would then tap
    it for those resources." Read more – Daily Herald

    SL Tribune pans Green River pipeline
    "A guy named Million wants to spend billions to pipe part of Wyoming's Green River 400 miles to Denver and beyond. But as global warming
    threatens the flows in the Green, it would be foolhardy to suck great
    gulps of water from the stream. To sustain both wildlife and humans,
    the waters should be left alone." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

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  • January 25th, 2010

    Public lands belong to all
    few things need to be clarified about local public lands. First,
    federal public lands in Utah belong to all Americans. The present
    population of the United States is slightly more than 300 million, and
    each and every one of us technically owns an equal share of the public
    lands, regardless of where we reside.” Read more – Spectrum 

    Assessing Salazar so far
    “A year into his tenure as the 50th secretary of the interior, Salazar has surprised both fans and critics. He’s proved bold, ambitious and more willing to directly confront foes than accommodate them. But to critics, Salazar is committing the same sins of which he
    often accuses the prior administration — politicizing decisions,
    shutting out views and pursuing an agenda that swaps an industry clique
    for an environmental one.” Read more – Denver Post

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  • January 22nd, 2010

    Science does confirm red dust melts CO snow
    "Strong scientific evidence shows that desert dust from the Colorado
    Plateau is causing early snowmelt in Colorado and that the majority of
    this dust is likely caused by human activity. So which human activities
    are causing this dust? ORVs, grazing, and oil and gas development are
    likely the biggest culprits since they are the main soil-destabilizing
    activities in this region." Read more- Aspen Times

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  • January 21st, 2010

    Monument critic gets it all wrong
    City Daily News Bureau Chief Jennifer Weaver recently commented on the
    proposed American Red Rock Wilderness Bill. Her apparent disdain for
    conserving Utah's undeveloped public lands would seem to show her lack
    of appreciation for the fantastic area of the planet in which we are
    privileged to live." Read more – Spectrum

    Man jailed for illegal ATV trail
    "Building an illegal trail and clearing trees in the Gallatin
    National Forest will cost a Livingston man five months in federal
    prison, a fine and $25,000 restitution." Read more – Billings Gazette

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  • January 20th, 2010

    CO writer cites dust on snow threat

    "Breathable air and drinkable water are two
    critical criteria, keys to a long-term quality of life. And what provides these
    benefits? Wild lands." Read more – Aspen Times

    "Kicking and screaming, the BLM makes a deal"

    "It's taken much longer than it should have, but the world's longest
    outdoor art gallery will finally get some protection from the gas
    drilling that threatens it." Read more- High Country News

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